Corporate & Trust and Fiduciary Services

Catering to the entrepreneurís and wealthy individualís needs of business management, tax and estate planning, Orion renders a full range of consulting services Ė tax and legal -, which start with a detailed assessment of the clientís specific situation.  A substantial international network of tax, accounting, and legal professionals is used by Orion to assist the client, and implement the most effective, structured solution for the client.

Formation and administration of companies or trusts, in a variety of jurisdictions, as well as management of their commercial or holding activity, are part of these services.  As a Swiss fiduciary company, Orion Geneva can assist their legitimate clients in devising tax and control efficient investment vehicles.

Orion understands and respects itís clients need for confidentiality, and itís legitimate clients will enjoy low-key and sensitive business approach.

Orion provides assistance in procuring financing for their clientsí business and investment activities.

Family Office

A large range of personalized assistance to clients and their families completes Orionís range of

  • Selection of residences
  • Naturalization procedures
  • Surveillance of education planning and tuition payment
  • Point of contact/liaison for a variety of clients affairs where they do not wish to be in the visible front line
  • Mailbox service

Business Management & Consulting